TKO Transportation has maintained a strong level of commitment to our Customers, Safety, Equipment, How We Operate and our Partners.


Commitment to Our Customers

TKO strives to ensure all customers have the highest level of customer service and client satisfaction in the industry that we are capable of providing. The technology that we are currently using in our Dispatch Software allows us to be extremely accurate in the position of your freight and estimated time of arrival to a high degree of accuracy.


TKO prides itself on our customer service. We believe in old-fashioned communications – on the phone. If you give us a call, you will not be routed to an automatic telephone system. Instead, you will be greeted by one of us. We feel that one of us is best equipped to put you in touch with who you need to speak with. We are also more than happy to correspond though email if that is what you prefer.


Our Commitment to Safety

TKO is heavily involved with our suppliers, Harper and Carrier in ensuring that the equipment carrying your freight is safe, secure, and DOT and MOT compliant.

Our truck are equipped with Talk-to-Text which allows us to communicate with our drivers without diverting their attention off the road.