Our trailers are just the beginning.

From frozen to hot to cold, no matter what you need shipped, our trailers can handle it – even on the same trailer. These multi-temp trailers are just the tip of the iceberg at TKO.  Please take a look below and hover your mouse over the “Stars” to see what is inside the trailers.

Each of our rigs also has satellite links that allow you to track the location and the temperature of each of your shipments. This lets you ensure the delivery time, temperature and quality of every order when it arrives – and at every step of its journey. After all, that’s what’s most important.

Our commitment to technology doesn’t end on the road. Our dispatch programs and the rest of our infrastructure are also state-of-the-art and helps us give you exactly the service that you need.  Again, please look below to take an inside look at our Multi-Temp trailers…